Scrip. Refs. AKJV
6 September 2012

This tract brings man’s original sin out into the Light of Scripture. It explains its deadly consequence and God’s merciful Life giving Solution. It serves as a basis for discerning and correcting current doctrinal errors mainly with reference to 2Thes.2:1-12 where dispensationalists confuse the coming of the Spirit of the Lord at conversion (2Thes.2:8. Jn.3:8. 14:17-19, 23. 1Cor.4:5) with His second coming (1Thes.3:13. 4:15-17. 2Thes1:8. .2:2).

They err in teaching a secret coming (rapture) between these two events. This tract can be used for correction relating, for example, to dispensationalism, anti-Christ, the rapture, the devil, faith, health, wealth, the Israel of God, tongues, binding and loosing, the millennium and the so called “rule” of making every human effort to interpret Scripture literally to the letter. This rule excludes the life-giving help of the Spirit (1Thes.1:5. Jn.14:16-17, 26. 16:13. 2Cor.3:6. 2Pet. 1:20).


By crafty and deceitful use of God’s Word (2Thes.2:9-12. 2Cor.2:11. 4:2. Gen. 3:1-6), the great dragon, that old serpent in Eden, called the Devil and Satan (Rev.12:9), lied and successfully appealed to man’s natural desires. In this way he became the god of this present evil age (2Cor.4:4). This is a wake-up call to God’s sheep (Isa.29:18), many of whom have again fallen into a spiritually drunken, deep sleep (1Thes.5:6-7. Mt.13:25. Mk.13:16. Rom.11:8. Isa.29:9-13) because of their ignorance or by listening to deceitful teachers who pervert the meaning of God’s words for self gain (Gal.1:7. 2Pet.1:20. 2:1-3. 3:16. Mic.3:11). Literalism is to understand the Word of God only in a literal meaning. It makes sense to faithless man, but produces a fading “gospel” (2Cor.3:7. Heb4:2. .8:13. 1Pet.1:4. 5:4). It is not the eternal Gospel in the blood of the Lord Jesus (Gal.1:6-12. Rev.14:6). Bound by time (2Cor.4:18. Rev.10:6. Heb.7:16. Gen.1:14), it is dispensational (Eph.1:10) Old Covenant Judaism (2Cor.3:15. Gal.1:13) which is a “gospel” of death (2Thes.1:8-9. Mt.24:24. 35. 26:28. Rom.7:10. 8:3-6. 2Cor.3:6, 15. Heb.4:2. 8:8). It could be called “The Dawkins Delusion”!


Adam’s disobedience to the Word of Truth caused God to send man strong delusion that he should believe the lie (2Thes.2:10-12. Jn.8:44. Rom.1:25. Gen.3:4-6) and be trapped by the devil (Lk.4:6. Rom.5:12, 19). This caused man to become the man of sin and to fall away from God (2Thes.2:3. Rom.1:26-32). Secretly the devil and his demons, like a veil, a covering, a cloak, a cloud or a shadow, spiritually darkened man’s heart and mind (2Cor.4:4. 1Thes.5:5-6). Man had now become wicked – lawless, sinful and beastly (2Thes.2:3, 8. 3:2. Rom.2:21. Rev.17:17. Gen.3:1). Sin took advantage of Adam’s disobedience and slew him as it does to all under the law (Rom.5:12. 7:10-11, 24. Eph.2:2. Gen.3:5, 22). For man’s sake (Gen.3:17) God rendered creation, including man, corrupt, useless and fading away under His curse (Mt.24:35. Rom.8:20-23).


Being deluded, man calls evil good and good evil and darkness light and light darkness (Mt.6:23. Jn.9:39. Act.26:18. Isa.5:20. 45:7). Undetected the devil comes to sit in man’s heart, God’s temple, pretending to be God (2Thes.2:4-6, 9. Mt.4:9. Isa.14:14-16. Eze.28:1-19. Gen.3:22). The devil, the anti-Christ spirit of error (1Jn.2:18. 4:1-6), tempts men to interpret God’s words of Light, from Heaven above (Jn.1:32), to mean the sensual or literal things of this spiritually dark hopeless world of death and decay (Gen.2:17. Heb.2:14-15. 1Jn.3:8. 5:19). This is the mystery of iniquity (2Thes.2:7. Eze.28:13-15. Isa.53:6) by which the serpent secretly (Mt.13:33), through the lusts of the flesh, blinds the mind of natural man with the earthly sensual and devilish enticing words of his dark wisdom below (2Thes.2:7. 1Cor.1:17. 2:4, 12-14. Rom.1:18. Jms.1:5. 3:15. Jude 19). For example, man calls riches and healings on earth “good” and those in Christ above “evil”. Because he cannot see or sense eternal riches and healings, they are foolishness to him and he thinks they are of no benefit (Jn.14:17. 1Cor 2:14. 12:28. 2Cor.4:18. Col.2:2-4). This strong delusion (2Thes.2:11. 1Pet.2:25. Isa.53:6.), is a mysterious, blinding, sensual, spiritual veil of words (thoughts) over the heart and mind (2Thes.2:6-7. 2Cor.3:6, 14-16. 4:4. Eph.4:17-18). Held captive by this covering (Lk.12:2-3. Jn.3:19-20. Rom.10:21. Isa.29:15. 30:1. 55:7-9. 60:2. 65:2) man justifies his wicked, lawless use of God’s Word (2Thes.2:3, 8. Hos.14:1-2) by yielding to his sensual cravings for the vain, enticing things of this evil world (1Thes.1:5. 2:13. Lk.12:15. 1Cor.2:4. Gal. 1:4) from below (2Thes.2:11-12. Mk.4:19. Lk.16:14-15. Jn.8:15. Rom.6:12, 19 2Cor.4:2-3. Gal.4:25-26. 5:16. Eph.4:22. Tit.3:3. 1Jn.2:16-17. Gen.3:6).


The delusion, sent by God (2Thes.2:11.Gen.2:17) and ministered by the devil’s children (2Thes.2:3. Jn.8:43-44. 2Cor.3:7. 11:14-15), secretly (mysteriously) restrains, with-holds and prevents (2Thes.2:6-10. Gen.3:24) man, born into this world (Ps.58:3. Gen.3:7), from seeing (Jn.3:3. 9:39. Act.26:18. Eph.1:18) the Light of the glorious Gospel of Christ (2Cor.3:14. 4:4). Until this earthly, sensual and devilish wisdom is revealed and repented of (2Thes.1:8-9. 2:3, 6-7. Jms.3:15. 4:7), by God’s grace, God leaves the devil and his fallen angels to spiritually hold rebellious men captive in spirit (2Thes.2:11-12. Rom.1:18-21. 7:8-11. 9:18.11:32), in the outer darkness of the world (Mt.22:13. Rev.12:9. Isa.25:7, 30:1, 60:2). The mystery of iniquity can be seen and known (2Thes.2:5-6) in heart (2Thes.2:8. Jer.17:9) and mind only by revelation from God above (2Thes.2:3, 8. Mt.6:6. 16:17. Jn.3:27, 34. Rom.2:16. 1Cor1:18, 21, 29. 4:5, 14:25. Isa.45:14-15). Rather than hearing God’s words in a literal sense Christians, in order to increase their faith, must pray and ask God, by His grace, to open and reveal the meaning of the Scriptures to them (Jn.5:39). We must ask God to teach us how His words, unknown tongues to man (1Cor.14:2, 13), are signs, types, and shadows which, in as many ways as there are words, is a bright cloud of witnesses (Jn.20:30-31. 21:25. Gen.3:24) signifying and pointing to Jesus Christ crucified (1Cor.2:1-13). This is the miracle of the Bible heard in Spirit (Rom.10:17).


The anti-Christ spirit (Lk.22:53. 1Jn.2:18) of lawless preachers (Mt. 24:4. Act.2:23. Eph.2:2-3. 1Tim.1:7) interprets the eternal words, spoken by Jesus and God’s prophets (Jn.6:63. 2Pet.1:20-21. Rev.19:10, 13), in the literal, cursed, earthy, dark meaning (1Cor.14:11) of man’s words (1Thes.1:5. 2:13. 2Thes.2:11. Jn.3:12, 31. 8:23, 47. 9:39. Rom.8:6. 12:2. 1Cor.1:17-19. 2:5, 13. 3:19-20. 4:20. 15:46-48. Pr.3:5. Isa.55:8). The brightness of Jesus’ words (Jn.6:63) when He comes into sinful man’s heart at conversion destroys the anti-Christ meaning of words; Satan’s works (2Thes.2:3, 8-10. Jn.8:47. 2Cor.3:16. Heb.2:14. 1Jn.4:4-6. Isa.11:4). The power of sin and death (2Thes.2:7-12. Rom.7:23. 8:2. 1Cor.15:56. Gal.3:13) comes from God’s curse on man (judgment- Gen.2:17. Jn.2:18-21. 19:11. Lk.22:53. Rom.2:5. Rev.6:17) for which Jesus Christ was made to be sin and a curse for us by sacrificing Himself to take away our blinding sin as written by Moses and in the psalms and the prophets (Lk.24:26-27, 44-45. Rom.5:14-15. Rev.11:15. Dan.7:14, 27). Because Jesus, the Word of God, is the fulfillment of every word, jot and tittle of the Old Testament, He is able to keep the law for those of faith to receive His gift of righteousness and live forever. He is the One Who was, Who is and Who is to come, the Almighty God-Man Jesus Christ, the Tree of Life in Whom we live (Mt.5:17. Jn.11:25. 15:3. Rom.10:5. Rev.1:8. 22:14. Lev.18:5). What a Saviour! Come Lord Jesus (Rev.22:20).

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